We Are All Kind Of Wonderful, was a brand we created ¬†along with 4 others that celebrate what makes us unique. For this project, we helped our client’s internal design teams by researching trends, suggesting over 200 name options, designing logos and developing initial packaging concepts. A large project taken off their shoulders and a delight for us to work on!

KoW bar full scaled
KoW Logo
KoW Hangtag
KoW product1.1
KoW product2.2
KoW product3.1
KoW Trend scaled
OSG bar1 full scaled
OSG Logo
OSG Hangtag
OSG product1.1
OSG product2.1
OSG product3.1
OSG product4.1
OSG Trend scaled
WT Bar full scaled
WT Logo
WT Hangtags
WT Product1.1
WT Products2.1
WT Trend scaled
SoL Bar full scaled
SoL Logo
SoL Hangtags
SoL product1.1
SoL product2.1
SoL product3.1
SoL product4
SoL Trend scaled
CE Bar full scaled
CE Logo
CE Hangtag
CE Product1 1
CE Product2.1
CE Product3.1
CE Trend scaled

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