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Euro Glassware

“Give us a wide variety of options.”  Is the direction we were given for glassware from Europe. What could me more fun! We poured over design elements we love for each culture and created box designs that could be adapted for different height glassware.

Also a part of our process is coming up with the copy that appears on the sides of the box. An example, “Italy has a long history of fine glasswork, best exemplified by the legendary Venetian glass from Murano and still evident in the exquisite craftsmanship of today. From simple stemware to exquisite art glass, Italy has along tradition of fine glasswork that informs the carefully crafted pieces of today.

Along with different designs we explore different materials from more earth friendly printed craft boxes to spot varnishes and embossing. All this looking at wine has us thirsty, Cheers!

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