Pool & Outdoor Games

DATE: 2021

OUR WORK: Trend Analysis, Games


It’s not every day that we’re asked to throw on our sunglasses and find the hottest trends in outdoor games and inflatables but being in Arizona gives us a great foundation!

Identifying the current trends and organizing them into different stories is our specialty. Good Times and Tutti Frutti are our favorites. How about you? 

We don’t want to inflate our own confidence, but we think we did a fine job giving our client a fun frenzy of new collection lines to try. Each trend board appealed to a slightly different customer as everyone got ready for the summer season!

1 Good Times 1 scaled
1 Good Times Trend scaled
2 Tutti Fruity scaled
2 Tutti Fruity Trend scaled
3 Pursuit of Happiness scaled
3 Pursuit of Happiness Trend scaled
4 Luxe Play scaled
4 Luxe Play Trend scaled
5 Night Light scaled
5 Night Light Trend scaled
6 Sporting scaled
6 Sporting Trends scaled
7 Farmhouse Fun scaled
7 Farmhouse Fun Trends scaled

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