Hanukkah Beauty

DATE: 2021

OUR WORK: Product design, packaging


What could be better than 8 days of gifts, for this dazzling beauty project, our client asked us to pamper the consumer with product design concepts and packaging that aligned with the holidays. Let’s take you for a (dreidel) spin! Nail polishes with pom poms or shiny sequins, makeup brushes form a pretty menorah, lipsticks in star patterns and eyeshadows that are geo inspired. 

Now that’s what we call a beautiful Hanukkah with glitz, and glamor. When your team wants to shine bright, we’re always happy to help with your holiday collections!

Eye Shadow Palette scaled
Eye Shadow Palette2
Eye Shadow Palette1
Eye Shadow Palette3 scaled
Lipstick Set scaled
Lipstick Set1
Lipstick Set2
Menorah Brush Box scaled
Menorah Brush Box1 scaled
Nail Gift scaled
Nail Gift1 scaled
Pamper Set scaled
Pamper Set1 scaled
Dreidel Gift scaled
Nesting Box scaled
Nesting Box1 scaled
Advent Calendar scaled
Advent Calendar2 scaled

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